Decades of Drinks at the Best Bar in the Gaslamp District

Specialty Latitude Lounge Cocktails

Travel through the decades with the new cocktail menu at Latitude Lounge, the best bar in the Gaslamp District. Added to its impressive roster of drinks, our history-inspired cocktails include favorites from the 1930's through the 2000's.

Celebrate the end of Prohibition with a Mint Julep, keep things classy with a Whiskey Sour, get vodkafied with a Moscow Mule, go exotic with a glass of Sangria, stay sophisticated with a Martini, aim for creativity with a Florida Cocktail or be bold with a Mezcal Mule. 

Whatever your preference, you won't need a DeLorean to travel back in time to savor and sip a little piece of history. Head to one of the best bars in the downtown area, Latitude Lounge, to treat your tastebuds to the best of yesterday.

See a full menu here.